Fuera Ovens


When we started making Fuera Ovens, we set out to make the finest pizza ovens in New Zealand. It has been a long journey, but after years of work, research and constant refinements, we now firmly believe we can make that bold claim.
We make a range of ovens suitable for all uses from the home, thru to a very busy pizzeria making hundreds of pizzas in an evening.
A pizza oven is a substantial investment – which should last a lifetime.
We work with the best materials and never take short cuts.

Often with a pizza oven it’s what you don’t see that causes you the problems, and makes for unhappy ownership. Check out our “what to look for in a pizza oven” section to learn what to look for. We are confident to stand behind out ovens 100%.

A pizza oven is a centrepiece, which gathers friends and family to enjoy time and food together.
Check out our Ovens page to find out more about them and to browse our range.

We are constantly evolving to suit our client’s needs. This is an expanding environment which comprises of custom designs and builds. More and more we are involved in the planning processes of not only the ovens, bench tops and prep areas, but the outdoor living areas that our products are being installed in. We love to work closely with our clients, to ensure that all of their expectations are met.

Elliot Owen –

New Zealand's finest Pizza Ovens.